SELINA Moloi’s attempt to do a good deed has left her with a broken heart and R20 000 in debt.

The 52-year-old from Katlehong, Ekurhuleni, told Daily Sun the trouble started when she threw a party for orphans.

She said this was something she did every year on the birthday of a baby she found at the dump in 2010.

Every year, Selina organises a celebration for the child and other orphans. But this time, she wanted to buy gifts for the kids.

Selina said she got eight friends to lend her money. A community leader had pledged R22 000 towards the event and she thought she would be able to pay them back.

But everything went wrong when the community leader told her he didn’t have the money.

Selina said as a result, her relationship with her friends soured.

“They think I scammed them.

“I’ll try to pay them back but they need to give me time. I’ve already been able to pay off R2 000 of the debt,” she said.

“I thought they would understand as I’ve always been transparent. They saw where their money went and they knew about my conversation with the man.

“I expected them to sympathise because I also lost my money in this, but it’s fine.

“They need to know I’ll keep trying,” she said.

The SunTeam tried to get hold of the community leader without success.