THREE off-duty cops are in hospital after they were beaten by Kennedy Road residents on Tuesday.

Apparently the constables from Cato Manor cop shop, who were dressed in private clothes and driving a private car, called a man who allegedly sells dagga in Kennedy Road. They pretended to be buyers.

A resident said the dealer then arranged to meet the “buyers” near the Springfield area.

“After they received the dagga from the dealer, they revealed they were cops and asked him to take them to his shack and give them more dagga and his gun.

“The dealer told them the dagga was finished. They beat him until he admitted that there was some dagga left. The dealer then told other men the cops had beaten him.

A fight between cops and the men began. Other residents came and they beat up the cops.”

KZN police spokesman Lieutenant-Colonel Thulani Zwane said: “It is not clear what the off-duty cops were doing in area.

“One of the cop’s gun was stolen. No arrest has been made and police are investigating.”