RESIDENTS have had enough of nearby shack dwellers’ izinyoka connections.

The residents, who live in RDPs in Number 2 kasi in Kimberley, told Daily Sun their neighbours had told them they won’t remove the cables.

On Wednesday, RDP residents blocked roads with rocks, branches and burning tyres.

They said liquid started leaking from a transformer and smoke came out of it.

They feared it might explode.

Cops were called to break up the protesters, who said they wouldn’t move unless Sol Plaatje mayor Patrick Mabilo spoke to them.

Shack dwellers said they were promised electricity 20 years ago.

A resident said: “Our children are exposed to these dangerous cables daily.

“Must someone be electrocuted before something is done? We pay for services. They don’t.

“We’ll fight with them to receive basic services, but our electricity goes on and off because of izinyoka.”

A squatter camp resident said they were only listened to when they became violent.

“We decided to connect electricity ourselves since they failed to do so.”

Municipal spokesman Sello Matsie said: “Electrification of all areas in the municipality is our aim.

“We’ll address this when funds are available.”

Captain Bashoabile Kale said no arrests had been made.

“Police were asked to break up residents protesting against illegal connections,” he said.