THE battle between Lenasia South residents and people grabbing land is far from over.

When residents confronted the land grabbers, there was a struggle.

This prompted Public Order Policing officers to intervene.

Yesterday, residents barricaded roads with burning tyres, rocks and rubbish in a protest over land invasion.

Speaking to Daily Sun, land-grabber Thembi Vilakazi (39) said: “During the election campaign, we were told we could occupy a piece of land we can all see and no one would remove us.”

Councillor Vinay Choonie (52) questioned the provision of services.

“I’ve written to Premier David Makhura and President Cyril Ramaphosa about this. We have a syndicate selling land illegally to outsiders,” he said.

Choonie told the People’s Paper the land occupiers also connected pipes to the sewerage system illegally without following municipal laws.

Resident Rakesh Daya (49) said: “Crime is high since they have arrived and the majority of them are not from Lenasia South.” .

Police spokesman Sergeant Khalipha Mvula said no one was arrested.

“We have opened a case of public violence and will continue to monitor the situation.”