A RAPIST is using the resting place of the dead for his evil work.

He targets women who use the cemetery as a short cut or walk near the fence.


The victims, including pupils, walk through the Ekuphumuleni Cemetery in Tsakane, Ekurhuleni because it saves them time, but they risk running into a man the police are calling a serial rapist.

At least four cases of rape have been reported in the past four months.

Tsakane cop spokeswoman Sergeant Lerato Mngomezulu said the graveyard is a rape hot spot.

“We have received complaints from several victims who have been raped there,” she said.

“We warn women not to walk alone when going past, or crossing, the cemetery.”

The man targets schoolgirls and women on their way to work.

“Most of the victims were raped early in the morning and during the day.

She said cops believe the man waits among the tombstones for victims who take a short cut through the cemetery, or hides at the concrete palisade fence and pulls victims into the graveyard as they walk past.

She said the times that attacks were recorded are 7am and 2pm during the day, but he sometimes also strikes at night.

“The area is isolated and people are not able to see what he’s doing.”

Daily Sun visited the cemetery and found shoes and bags lying in the dust and on the gravestones, but it was not clear whether the items belonged to the victims.

Magdeline Dladla, who lives close to the cemetery, said she once heard a woman screaming but because they were not sure what was happening to her, they feared going closer.

“The level of crime is high so we take a chance if we don’t have appropriate weapons to defend ourselves. And it is dark in the graveyard at night. The suspect could be armed and we are not,” she said.

Resident Nathaniel Ndlovu said they appealed to cops to increase patrols in the area.

“We heard women are raped here. The least the cops can do is show up so this person stops targeting people in the area.”

Cases of rape have been opened and cops are appealing to the public to look out for a dark man of medium height in his mid-thirties.

Anyone with information should call 011 363 5317.