A TRACKER is usually used to discover stolen cars. But a muthi tracker can also be used to expose cheating lovers.

Sangoma Skhunisivuthamanzi Mkhize told Daily Sun if a person wants to track a partner, sangomas can give them muthi to apply.

“The muthi is applied to the punani or 4-5 before sex. Once you’ve had sex with your partner you will know if your partner is cheating,” he said.

“The muthi shows you a vision of your cheating partner or you might even feel as if you are having sex yourself.”

He said the person who cheats will have problems.

“If it’s a man his 4-5 might just fall asleep. If it’s a woman she may start vomiting non stop,” he said.

Nokulunga Dlamini (30) from Mofolo, Soweto said she used the muthi. “I’m not worried. He will come back to me for a poke.”

Mfundo Shabalala (42) said he loved and trusted his wife.

“But I know people get tempted so I put this tracking system on her.”

On Daily Sun’s Facebook page, SunReaders were asked if they’d use the tracker.

Godfrey Malibe said: “What for? You track him, you find out he is in Pretoria when he said he was at work. What next? Divorce or tears?”

  • A report that a tracker was being developed in which a chip implanted in the man’s penis and the woman’s vulva, which would connect during sex, has proved to be false.