3 months ago
A drunk man urinates from the back of a moving bakkie.  ~ 

FOLLOWING yesterday’s embarrassing story of the drunken taxi commuter who had other motorists howling with laughter, another drunkard has stepped up to the phuza plate.

But this time around the “paparazzi” got more than an eyeful when the drunkard was snapped peeing from the back of a moving bakkie.

It now seems that “Ke December boss” means you can do whatever you want – even taking a piss in full view of the public on the road.

The image was captured on Wednesday near Makro in Brakpan, Ekurhuleni.

A witness described the behaviour as unacceptable, saying he was driving behind the bakkie when he saw it zigzagging on the road with three drunk men inside.

“When we approached the robots near Carnival Mall, the guy at the back just pulled out his penis and started peeing. This is not acceptable,” said the witness.

Social media users took a fun turn, saying the man had obvious skills.

- Johan Mouton: People need to see the skill involved here. I’ve done this before and it’s not easy. . . Good effort, guy. Just too many witnesses.

- Riaan Nel: Peeing in public seems to be in fashion these days. Sometimes, when driving with my kids, they have to see a guy urinating and looking you straight in the eye with a smirk on his face.

- Tony RY Mananza: It’s acceptable. What do you expect him to do ? To pee in the car? He tried so many times to stop the driver, but he refused to stop, so the drunk man came up with a plan. Salute to him.

Ekurhuleni metro police spokesman Inspector Kobeli Mokheseng said the image was disturbing and such conduct won’t be tolerated.

“Members of the public should alert authorities when they spot such bad behaviour in public,” he said.

“This is public indecency and the man would face a charge of urinating in public.”

He said if they had info about the man, they would act and take him to the local cops.

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