THE VIDEO shows the “dead” man rising from the coffin.

But Mzansi is not fooled.


And MZANSI has yet again shown it has a sense of humour.

Hardly hours after photos and videos emerged on social media of Pastor Alph Lukau resurrecting a dead man.

Mzansi already had the #ResurrectionChallenge.

Many social media users did not believe the resurrection was real and took a swipe at the pastor.

Thembinkosi Nkosi said: “I would understand if he raised those from the graveyard because we need land.”Sentle Innocent wrote: “These pastors must stop playing like that because some of us will take real dead people there and expect to see them wake up.”

Mzansi is not impressed. The video has caused outrage on social media while others turned it into a big joke.. It has cast a legitimate business in a very bad light. A Kings and Queens Funeral Services vehicle delivered the coffin and “dead” body.

Kings and Queens said: “We distance ourselves from the supposed resurrection of a deceased man.”

They said they were approached by people claiming to be family members of the “deceased” who asked them to transport the closed coffin.

“We did not supply the coffin, neither did we store the corpse.” They said they were taking legal action.

Solomon Ashoms of the Movement Against Abuse in Churches said the church was trying to gain favour.

“This how they attract new vulnerable members to their churches. We need a medical and spiritual report.”

Johan Rousseau, CEO of Funeral Industry Reformed Association, said: “When a person dies his mouth is surgically closed while the deceased’s mouth is open.”

But national police spokesman, Brigadier Vishnu Naidoo, said a complainant had to open a case.

On Facebook people expressed their anger.

Vuyo Mthetho said: “God have Mercy! They sold their souls to the devil to become rich and famous. Fake Prophet”

Noble Muromba: “The two most abundant items in the universe are hydrogen and stupidity. Only idiots would fall for these false miracles from these false prophets.”

Despite leaving messages, there was no response from Alleluia Ministries International and the pastor until the paper went to print.