THEIR job is to go out and save lives, but now the hardworking Jozi medics are in danger themselves.

On Saturday, the City of Joburg’s ambulance crew was hijacked and robbed in Cosmo City, north of Joburg, while responding to an emergency call in the area.

Emergency Management Services spokesman Robert Mulaudzi called the robbery an act of barbaric criminal behaviour.

“This not only creates fear and panic for emergency personnel, but also disrupts service delivery to our communities.”

According to Mulaudzi, the attacks on EMS paramedics happen on an almost weekly basis around the country.

In Mofolo, a resident came to the base station to ask for an ambulance. The ambulance ended up going on a false call and the members were robbed.

Mulaudzi said the department can’t afford to restrict attending to patients even though there are ongoing attacks on their medics.

“We can’t afford to have no-go areas and have our personnel attacked, hijacked, robbed and killed by the very same communities they have to help.”

He said paramedics are committed to serving and protecting the community day and night.

“We therefore call on our communities to protect us while we save the lives and property of the residents of the city,” he said.