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Lucas Tolo and his cousin Nico say their hair helps them maintain their spiritual connection with God and their ancestors. Photo by Stephens Molobi  ~ 

COUSINS Lucas and Nico believe they would be nothing without their hair.

The two men from Ivory Park in Tembisa, Ekurhuleni, have the record for the longest dreadlocks in their kasi, where they are known as the Samsons of Tembisa.

Nico Tiki (28) said despite being a Christian, he keeps a strong connection with his ancestors through his hair.

“We worship hair because it helps us keep the link we have with our ancestors and God,” said Nico who has been growing his hair for 15 years.

“This has enabled us to work with hair throughout our lives.

“We do not believe in cutting hair because the Almighty made people with hair, and not to cut it.”

They two help each other to treat their hair and keep it clean and they don’t ever treat it with modern shampoos or conditioners.

“We use water, our hands and one natural secret ingredient.

“We also twist our hair ourselves,” said Nico.

Their dream is to become the finest natural hair stylists around.

“We can take care of other people’s hair as well,” said Lucas Tolo (28), who has been growing his hair for 10 years.

“We owned a place where we specifically worked with dreads but its since closed down. Now we work strictly on a consultation basis.”

He said salons use pictures of them.

“They lie to people. They can never do what we do.

“Our aim is to pass our skills on to people who want to learn how to grow real dreads like ours.”

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