SHONISANI Mamelodi Football Club can now face its opponents with pride.

The Tshwane club for women aged 35 and above received a new soccer kit from sports betting company Betta Bets’ Denlyn branch on Saturday.

The club was founded by Sarah Shonisani (64).

The gogo had previously owned a club, but it fell apart when she was sick for some time.

After staying at home for six months, she could no longer stand being inactive and started another club.

But the players from her previous team had left with the gogo’s kit, so she decided to approach businesses for sponsorship.

“I went to many companies and asked them to donate a kit to us. Betta Bets replied a day after I approached them.”

Sarah said when her team heard the good news, they practised longer than they usually do because they were so inspired.

“We can now enter tournaments and play local matches with confidence,” said Sarah.

Anastacia Mosehla, the team’s captain, said some players previously had no training shorts and had to practise in dresses.

“We told them to buy pants because dresses will not be allowed on the field when we play against other teams.

“But now they won’t have to buy anything because we finally have our own kit,” said Anastacia.

Tirnyboy Motau, marketing co-ordinator for the sports betting company’s Denlyn branch, said: “When Sarah approached us, we immediately wanted to help because we encourage the use of sport to bring people together.

“It is good that these women are doing this, because it is also good for their health.”