AS South Africa’s finance minister Tito Mboweni is set to deliver his maiden budget opposition parties have weighed in on what he should focus on.

Democratic Alliance leader Mmusi tweeted that he was deeply concerned about job losses the country is facing.

“Deeply concerned about current job losses. We are losing jobs in the sugar industry, thanks to sugar tax.”

“Manufacturing thanks to load shedding, tourism thanks to Visa’s. Mining thanks to strikes. So we lose 1 million jobs soon thanks to the ANC. We need change, DA brings in work,” Maimane said.

In a short space of time Twitter users began questioning Mmusi’s intentions about his tweet, saying even if the DA were to win the national elections they would still blame the ANC for the weather.

While some asked Maimane what his party is bringing to the party, instead of just complaining about what's wrong in the country.

“Someone can't just attend the budget presentation without barking. Seriously one has to be seen by his handlers that he is still on the job,” Christopher Mutingwende said.

“Forget it dude, no straight thinking black person is gonna vote for that blue party of yours. Apartheid is still fresh in our minds, and will be in our minds for as long as we live,” Landless Native said.