GOGO Nomayini Dopholo (76) lives in fear that her RDP house might soon collapse.

The gogo was even forced to erect a shack next to the house.

The gogo from Khayelitsha kasi, near Queenstown, said she was happy when she was given the house in 2002.

However, her happiness didn’t last long.

“I have complained to our councillor so many times and all I get are empty promises,” said gogo Nomayini.

She said her house leaks when it rains and that the walls are not properly built.

“I don’t even think this house will survive strong winds and or a fire,” Nomayini told the People’s Paper.

Neighbour Bulelani Maseti told Daily Dun: “I feel sorry for gogo because no one is looking after her.

“Her shack is very cold in winter.

“The municipality must urgently fix her RDP.”

Councillor Nomathamsanqa Tsotetsi said: “We are busy gathering information about all the RDPs that were poorly built.

“These houses will then be renovated and some rebuilt, depending on the assessment process.”