STEPHENS Mokwena (34) has been sad ever since his girlfriend gave birth to a stillborn baby.

Stephens (34) says his girlfriend gave birth to a stillborn after drinking muthi given to her by her sister, Cynthia Sithole. And to rub salt into the wound, Stephens said he doesn’t know where the body is buried.

The man from Moloto Village, near KwaMhlanga in Mpumalanga, said his girlfriend was visiting her sister when she started feeling the baby moving inside her.

“We took her to hospital. When we arrived at the hospital, the doctor put her on a scanner and broke the news that the baby had died,” said Stephens.

“She was given pills to induce the birth and the baby came out after three days.”

Stephens said the girlfriend’s sister, Cynthia Sithole, collected the body.

Stephens said he went to the undertaker the sister used to ask where the grave was. “The driver of the hearse said they just dropped the coffin at the gravesite and left. My girlfriend was also taken away from me and told never to see me again,” he said. Cynthia said: “I didn’t give my sister muthi. The baby belongs to our family as he never paid damages,” she said.

“My sister isn’t going back to him because he’s shown that he doesn’t intend to marry her.”

Brigadier Leonard Hlathi told Daily Sun Stephens must approach the court or local chief for help.

He said cops could only help him with advise. He said he can also go to the local Chief with his family included not do things alone.