EVER since her baby came home from hospital, Cynthia Khoza has been scared for her child.

The 31-year-old mum from Mgobodzi, Mpumalanga, told Daily Sun her baby cried non-stop after being discharged from hospital in May with a fractured shoulder bone.

She said she didn’t remember what happened during childbirth. She claimed doctors didn’t check her or the baby before discharging them.

Cynthia said she tried to get answers but she was sent from pillar to post, even after X-rays were taken to confirm her child had a fractured shoulder bone.

The X-rays were done at Shongwe Hospital, to which Cynthia was referred by the local clinic.

“I was expecting to hear from the hospital if they would be able to fix my child’s shoulder but I was just given pain medicine and sent home,” she said.

Health department spokesman Dumisani Malamule said they were not aware of the problem.

He said he couldn’t give more information as the hospital had not assessed the baby. He said they would phone Cynthia to make an appointment.