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MEC Sizakele Nkosi-Malobane  ~  Lucky Morajane

THE MEC was called to discuss safety measures on radio....

But she ended up crying. 

A hard hitting comment by a caller on Power FM 98.7 breakfast show made Gauteng Community Safety MEC Sizakhele Nkosi-Malobane cry on air.

This was after an angry caller told the MEC to stop 'spinning'. 

MEC Nkosi-Malobane was being interviewed on Power FM 98.7 morning show by TT about the attacks on women and the frustration faced by women when they go report such matters at the cop shops.

TT gave an example of a case of  one woman who was recently assaulted at a taxi rank by taxi drivers. When she went to report the matter to the cops, the cops told her to go report it to the taxi marshal.

The MEC said they are investigating the case and assured listeners that there are people who are trained to deal with such traumatic cases at the cop shop.  She said the Victim Empowerment Centers at the cop shops are there to deal with traumatised people. The MEC also added that at times, women are being sent from one station to another due to jurisdiction, whereas the police should just open a case and transfer it to the relevant station, if needs be.

AND then it was time for listeners to call in......

An angry listener named Mpho called in and teared into the MEC.

He told MEC to "stop spinning the situation".

"The things that you are  saying here on radio is not what is happening out there... [at the cop shops].....get out of your office ..... and go to the police station in disguise and see how people are being treated there....stop spinning...go to Tembisa for example and you'll see for yourself," said the caller.

This seems to have left the MEC hurting. 

The MEC then responded to the caller..."it pains me when a person says the things.... but I don't blame that gentlemen because he doesn't know me... I'm a person who will never gamble with a person's life. I will never gamble with the abuse of women....if he knew me as an activist then he will know exactly how passionate I am about the protection of women and children....I personally opened a shelter in 1999 in Alexandra which still exists today....  so I will never spin and it doesn't matter whether I know you or not....I don't want anyone to die in the hands of criminals and I don't want any woman to be raped by a criminal.....so I will never spin.....and I wanted to deal with that .....actually it makes me very emotional  and I'm sorry about that.....in fact, I have indicated and admitted ...... [Then she began sobbing] ......the MEC could be heard shedding tears....

TT asked if the MEC was okay but she continued sobbing until TT went for a quick brake to let the MEC compose herself.

The emotional Nkosi-Malobane continued with the interview after a few minutes. 

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