MBORO told Daily Sun his healing powers come from the anointing of God.

“My healing powers do not come from my nails,” he said.

“Leave my nails in peace. I’m gifted!”

Pastor Paseka “Mboro” Motsoeneng, leader of the Incredible Happenings Ministry, said reports that claimed his long nails were the source of his healing power were false and misleading.

A Sunday paper reported that Mboro was bust for speeding on a regional road in Thaba Nchu, Free State, but he said it had nothing to do with his nails.

He admitted he was caught speeding, but said the incident happened two months ago.

“I was following someone who was taking me to a family member who was gravely ill. I wasn’t paying attention to the speed limit as I was rushing to a person whose life was at stake, which was more important to me,” he said.

“The police pulled me over and told me I was driving at 131km/h on an 80km/h zone. They took me to a police station and I was charged for speeding. I paid bail and was released. I didn’t spend the night behind bars and don’t face jail time,” he told Daily Sun.

An angry Mboro said he never told anyone his healing power lay in his nails.

“Yes, my nails grow fast because that runs in my family. I often cut my nails,” he said.

“I’ve been in the ministry for 37 years and my power doesn’t come from my nails. My power comes from God because I’m gifted,” said Mboro.