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HE rented a vehicle for his wedding four months ago.

But instead of returning it after the celebration he sold the car.

When he went to the company and told them the car had been stolen, they started investigating.

It was not stolen. He confessed and was bust for car theft and perjury.

Captain Pearl van Stad of Brakpan cops said: “Since taking the car he had been ducking the car rental company who wanted the car back.”

The company said he was even avoiding their calls. He finally approached the company and told them the car was stolen. He then went to the Benoni cop shop to open a case.

“The investigating officer thoroughly interviewed him and suspected he was lying.”

The investigation continued and the Gavin Francis finally confessed he had sold the vehicle to a man in Benoni, Ekurhuleni.

His case was heard in the Benoni Magistrates Court.

He was found guilty of theft of a motor vehicle and sentenced to eight years in jail, two years of which were suspended for three years.

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