ANOTHER former EFF MP has made accusations against Julius Malema.

This weekend, Zolile Xalisa claimed Malema abused party funds and ran the EFF as if it was his bedroom, toilet and yacht.

TimesLive reported that in his resignation letter, Xalisa accused Malema of throwing lavish parties for senior members.“You used EFF money in whatever way you saw fit without consulting any of us.”

He claimed Malema threw parties for the central command team to make them feel important.

He claimed Malema abused money collected from EFF MPs and provincial assembly members and made party members pay for food, transport and accommodation.

“We would have appreciated it if you took care of our deployment costs instead of guillotining us with weekly costs like car hire, accommodation, T-shirts for EFF fighters and providing food for them at our cost.”

EFF spokesman Mbuyiseni Ndlozi dismissed the claims. He said: “He didn’t make the cut for the parliamentary list.

“Now he’s joined a short line of position-mongers who lie about the EFF.”