THE SunTeam has traced the owner of the gun used to pay a magosha.

It belongs to Usizo Security and was apparently stolen from a guard responding to an alarm at a furniture shop in Brakpan, Ekurhuleni, last month.

Linda Madi, one of the managers at the company, said a case had been reported. She said thugs pounced on the guard soon after the shop’s doors were opened and stole the .357 revolver.

“Luckily, our guard didn’t sustain any physical injuries, except that he was traumatised by the incident. We’re happy the gun was found and we’ll contact the cop investigating the case,” she said.

Captain Johannes Ramphora said cops were investigating whether the gun was used in other crimes.

The magosha (28) is in custody and will apply for bail next month.

He said the magosha was bust trying to sell the revolver at a gun shop in Springs on Saturday.

“The gun shop owner became suspicious and contacted the cops,” he said.

Ramphora said the magosha told cops a client had given it to her because he didn’t have money to pay her.

“Investigations indicate the .357 revolver was used during a business robbery on 25 June in Springs,” he said.

“Cops are looking for the man who gave the gun to the woman to explain where he got it.

“We’re not sure if he was part of the robbery.”