COUNCILLOR Luvuyo Zondani spends his time in council fighting for the rights of people living with disabilities.

The man from Gugulethu, Cape Town, was shot in an apparent cellphone robbery in 2014, causing him to live with a disability.

He spent three years in a wheelchair, but now he uses crutches.

He drives himself around because his car has been modified.

He only uses his hands.

“I’ve forgiven the person who did this to me. God will deal with him in His own way.”

Luvuyo is now committed to fighting to change the lives of people living with disabilities.

“The human rights and laws that are supposed to protect people living with disabilities are not implemented. Life can become hectic when you’re living with a disability because your movement is limited,” he said.

“You need to be creative in the way you do things. You can spend a lot of money paying people to do things for you.”

He said the municipality has started taking people living with disabilities seriously.

“People living with disabilities are just like everyone else. We’re able to do things on our own.”

Luvuyo thanked Gugulethu residents and the ANC for giving him a chance to lead the community.