MOKETE Marie believes korobela stopped his 4-5 from working.

The 40-year-old from Harrismith, Free State, claimed after his girlfriend of five years had a miscarriage in 2014, he was taken to an inyanga.

He was forced to drink muthi but not told what was in it. After consulting different sangomas earlier this year, Mokete learned it was korobela

And now he can’t poke!

“Every time I close my eyes and go to bed I think about my ex. Even if I see a good-looking woman I have no feelings for her.”

Mokete said he got a job with the municipality in 2012 and moved in with his lover’s family.

“I could no longer cheat on her as my 4-5 would fall asleep.”

He said after he lost his job last year she dumped him, but he couldn’t move on.

His ex told Daily Sun: “I don’t know what you’re talking about. I don’t use muthi.”

She then ended the call.

Another woman who dated Mokete said: “I dumped him because the only time his 4-5 would wake up was when he called out his ex’s name. Then it would fall asleep when it was time to poke. I can’t be with him until he gets help.”

Sangoma Kingsley Maboe said: “Mokete was cursed with korobela known as ‘never-forget-me’. He needs spiritual cleansing and, after he washes, the old water must be buried in a graveyard so he can forget about the woman.”