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SA rugby captain Siya Kolisi is under attack for what he told Kydo News. Photo by   Lindile Mbontsi  ~ 

SPRINGBOK captain Siya Kolisi has come under fire for his interview with Japan’s Kydo News.

In a video published on Sunday, Kolisi is asked about his views on former president Nelson Mandela and what he would have to say about transformation in rugby.

Kolisi answers: “I don’t think he would have supported that.

“I don’t think you should put a number on stuff like that.”

This section of the interview soon went viral on social media and Black Twitter was not impressed.

Sihle Mavuso said: “Why are we surprised by Kolisi? Look at the blacks in senior positions and they think other blacks who are not there are lazy and incompetent.”

Mayihlome Tshwete said: “He is misinformed. Madiba approved. The charge of quotas is not on black talent but on white racism. Kolisi must withdraw from the debate.”

Some Twitter users supported Kolisi, saying people should watch the whole interview.

Grant Caswell tweeted a quote from a speech Mandela made on affirmative action: “We are not asking for hand-outs for anyone, nor are we saying that just as a white skin was a passport to a privileged past, so a black skin should be the basis for future privilege.

“Nor is it our aim to do away with qualifications.

“ The special measures we envisage to overcome the legacy of discrimination are not intended to ensure advancement of unqualified people, but that those denied access to qualifications in the past can become qualified.”

Kolisi also said: “If you are going to talk about transformation, you have got to start in the townships.”

He said being from a former model C school helped him compete with more privileged kids and he would not want to be picked just for the colour of his skin.

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