WOMEN came from as far as Lesotho to attend a traditional pitiki celebration in Mangaung on Saturday.

Over 300 widows, divorced and single women filled Kagisanong Hall to get advice and support from each other.

No men are allowed at these events, which are meant to create a space for women to help each other deal with everyday struggles.

Women discuss how to handle their husbands and build strong families, and there are also fun activities like traditional Basotho singing and dancing.

Organiser Motshidisi Masupa (34) told Daily Sun: “We started pitiki years ago in Lesotho after seeing there was a high divorce rate and that some women were even killed by their husbands.

“We are here to advise women how to keep their marriages warm. As a married woman, you have challenges like dealing with nyatsis. You can’t leave because of a nyatsi, you have to deal with it.

“We have sessions to counsel women facing challenges.

“There are women who don’t have men and also have needs but it’s all about respect. Nyatsis must know their position.

“As women, let’s love and respect each other. We also tell married women to give their men what they want because they’ll get it on the street otherwise.”

She said they wanted to spread pitiki across Mzansi to help women.

Malefe Hlabana (37) said: “Attending pitiki was useful. I gained a lot of knowledge and they told us how to keep our marriages warm. I will come again.”