ANGRY parents locked the gates of the school on Monday – and the school has not opened since.

The parents of pupils at Esiphondweni High School in Mboza, Umhlabuyalingana, in northern KZN, said they were unhappy that the principal and SGB expelled two pupils and suspended 18 others.

This was after they were found guilty of using drugs on the school premises.

According to a source, the two pupils allegedly sold vetkoeks made with dagga, whoonga and other kinds of drugs.

The source said parents accused the principal and the SGB of being selective in their punishment.

“The school management didn’t expel or suspend pupils who came onto school premises drunk after buying booze in the tavern owned by the SGB chairman,” said the source.

SGB chairman Zephania Nyathi confirmed that he had a tavern near the school but said it didn’t sell booze to pupils. “The pupils with the vetkoeks confessed on their own. It was difficult not to punish them.”