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DIGGING FOR TRUTH: Members of the religious commission hesitate before going any further. Photo by Trevor Kunene  ~ 

THE OFFICIALS were there to investigate claims of zombies living in the sangoma’s house.

As they carefully opened the gate and walked into the yard, the sangoma started singing.


“I have never seen anything like it,” said Mntimande Ngwenya of the Commission for the Promotion of Cultural, Religious and Linguistic Communities.

“I tried to call for support but for some reason my cellphone had no reception.

My colleagues didn’t have signal either.”

When the SunTeam entered the sangoma’s house with two community members, one of the gogos had a seizure and had to be taken out of the house.

The commission was there to investigate claims from angry Mofolo, Soweto residents that the sangoma is keeping zombies in her house.

“I have never seen such calm on the face of someone facing such serious allegations,” said Ngwenya.

The sangoma insisted she lives with her children in her house.

“They are not zombies.

“What I do in my private area has nothing to do with anyone else.

“I follow instructions from ancestors and whatever they ask I deliver,” said the sangoma.

The SunTeam spotted people residents claim are zombies looking through locked doors.

One of them attempted to come outside but turned back.

A resident said they wanted the sangoma out of the area.

“She even planted dagga for them to smoke” said a resident.

Among the community members was a 52-year-old mother whose daughter acts in a soapie.

She said her celebrity daughter has turned against her.

“I have lost contact with my daughter.

“This sangoma told my child I am cursing her and I don’t want her to be successful,” she claimed

“Celebrities come here to consult.

“I don’t understand what help they are expecting to get from somebody like this.

“The children walk around the house as if they have no souls.”

The woman claimed most celebrities who consult the sangoma have turned their backs on their families because they believe they are cursed by them.

“That woman deserves a hot klap that will wipe the dirt off her,” she said.

Ngwenya said that the sangoma would be further investigated because the living conditions in the house were appalling.

“No normal person would live in such a house, in such conditions.

“Celebrities are flocking to that house and being turned against their families.

“This is a serious case. We are tired of sangomas who use their calling to play mind games with people.”

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