FOSTER mother Tina Sebogodi (49) said if only Kantsimang had listened to her, she’d still be alive.

On Sunday, a passerby found Kantsimang Mokgale (19) and her 11-month-old baby Elias dead in the bush near the hydroponic plant in Windsorton, Northern Cape.

The baby’s father was bust for their murder after a passerby found Kantsimang’s body covered in ash. She had been set on fire.

Cops were called and the baby’s body was found next to her.

The family said she was in an abusive relationship and was warned to leave the man but did not listen.

Tina said: “Kantsimang always had a black eye. Sometimes he’d hit her knees with a hammer so she couldn’t leave their shack.”

Tina said on Saturday she told Kantsimang to get out of the relationship. “But she told me she needed her phone from the shack. I heard her boyfriend attacked her. We woke up to the news that she was no more.”

Captain Olebogeng Tawana said: “A 35-year-old was bust and charged with murder after the discovery of a woman and a baby boy’s burnt bodies. Footprints led to the suspect’s shack. He will appear in court soon.”