SONA has come and gone, but the storm around gospel singer Reverend Nkomfa Mkabile’s wife’s outfit hasn’t settled down.

Mkabile’s wife Unathi appeared at the event in parliament in Cape Town in a dress which showed her cleavage, and social media was not impressed. 

“That is not how a pastor’s wife should dress,” said one Facebook user. 

But the pastor told Daily Sun: “My wife dresses in front of me, and before we left the house I saw the dress. 

“There’s nothing wrong with her dress. People are just talking.” 

Mkabile personally replied to some of the comments. 

He said he had to respond because he was totally against the oppression of women. 

“I was shocked that women who’re supposed to support each other were the ones who were attacking my wife,” he said. 

Mkabile said those women will never succeed at destroying his wife’s confidence. 

He said he was worried about the men who looked at his wife’s boobs. 

“Rebecca Malope dresses like that for the Crown Gospel Awards, but there has never been an outcry. What suddenly changes when it’s Mkabile’s wife?”

He said the devil was trying to attack him through his wife. 

“There are people who say I like talking and should have kept quiet. I can’t do that. I’m my wife’s protector.” 

Mkabile said when his wife is being attacked, he must defend her.

His wife said the reverend had said everything she would have wanted to say, and she couldn’t comment further.