9 months ago
Phindiswa Daca says her arm is still weak. Photo by Chris Qwazi  ~ 

LAST February, a kasi-owned construction company arrived in New Brighton, Port Elizabeth to build five tar roads.

Gogo Phindiswa Daca (64) and her neighbours were happy their prayers were finally being answered.

But the construction company left many holes open for a long time.

Phindiswa ended up being a victim of one of these open holes at the end of February, when she fell in and broke her left arm.

She claimed the contractor promised to pay for her injury but the company has vanished into thin air.

The gogo told Daily Sun: “I fell into the hole. There were big pipes inside and I suffered a bone fracture.

“My neighbours were also gatvol because the company left the holes open for a long time.

“They told the company to pay me.

“Supervisors told me to submit a medical report to them and promised to pay me. I went to Livingstone Hospital and handed it in. But nothing happened and I am still waiting.”

She said her left arm is still weak.

Councillor Roosevelt Captain said: “We held two meetings with residents and explained that the metro would pay the victim and not the construction company.

“We submitted her medical report to the metro and its legal department.

“The legal department takes a long time but she will be paid.

“We have appointed a new company to take over. After the construction company failed to finish the five roads in time, we didn’t allow them to dig more roads.”

Metro spokesman Mthubanzi Mniki said: “I can confirm our legal department is looking into the matter. It’s unfortunate that Phindiswa was injured while we were delivering services to the people.”

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