A GRIEVING man has blamed a clinic for the death of his wife.

Mzimkhulu Yumata (40) from Port Elizabeth told Daily Sun his wife, Georgina (39), died last Tuesday hours after she got a flu shot at Missionvale Clinic.

“After she complained she had flu, I took her to the clinic and a nurse injected her. Hours later, I noticed she was swollen and vomiting blood,” he said.

“I called an ambulance without success. My neighbour took my wife to Dora Nginza Hospital in his car. We had to wait in the queue for more than an hour with no medical attention and her condition worsened.

“She died in front of me. A doctor told me she had lung failure due to a drug allergy.

“My wife died after being given the injection and I want the nurse who injected her to be charged and go to jail for murder.”

Mzimkhuku said he was very surprised when her death was registered as natural.

“I want the hospital to do a post mortem to determine who killed her so the person can be punished.”

Eastern Cape Health Department spokesman Sizwe Kupelo said: “At this stage, the department cannot assume she was killed by the injection because she was sick when she went to the clinic.

“If Mzimkhulu is not happy with the medical report he received from the hospital he can go to the police and open a case so a post mortem can be conducted.”