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Beauty Nqgayimbana will have to replace her windows after they were broken by angry residents of Khayelitsha. Photo by Lulekwa Mbadamane  ~ 

WHEN gogo Beauty Ngqayimbana (81) went to the scene where the body of a little girl (5) was found in Khayelitsha, little did she know her son would be the suspect.

Beauty, from Makhaza in Khayelitsha, Cape Town had her windows broken by angry residents because of her son’s actions.

“I found my son’s clothes covered in blood. I told the police and our councillor.

“I wanted the community to see that I had nothing to do with what my son did,” said gogo.

Her son was accused of raping and stabbing the little girl.

The incident happened last month and her son was arrested.

“I told the cops to hand my son over to the community because we were all in danger.

“I didn’t send him to do what he did,” she said.

“When the residents came back from court they broke my windows again. Now I have to replace them with my pension money.”

The gogo said she didn’t regret calling the police and telling them that the clothes belonged to her son.

“I wanted to do the right thing.

“If only our kids knew how much trouble they get us into they might think twice before doing bad things.

“Now I’m paying the price for my son’s sins.”

Beauty said she wanted justice to take its course.

“The reason I reported my son is because I hate what he did.

“I’m struggling to sleep because I feel sorry for the little girl’s family.”

The gogo said residents should understand it wasn’t the parents’ fault when their kids committed crimes.

“I am praying to God to give me strength to get through what has happened. My son has ruined my life because of his bad behaviour.

“Now it seems I’m taking the blame for his cruel actions.”

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