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Gogo Mamosala Pii (79) is desperate to get an RDP with electricity. Photo by Kabelo Tlhabanelo  ~ 

NO ONE is as happy to see the end of President Jacob Zuma as ANC president as gogo Mamosala Pii.

The 79-year-old from Chris Hani kasi in Mangaung believes with Zuma gone, there’s hope that she might finally get a home.

She told Daily Sun she had been praying hard for Zuma to fall.

“I’m just tired of empty promises,” she told Daily Sun.

Gogo Mamosala said she has been trying for years to get an RDP house.

She shares her dilapidated home with her unemployed daughter Selina Pii (40) and sickly grandchild.

“I’m the only one without an RDP in this area. My last hope now is the new leadership of Cyril Ramaphosa. I hope they will deliver on their promise of a better life for all.

“My prayer is that when I die at least I should leave my children in a proper home with electricity.”

The gogo said she didn’t want Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma to win because of her surname.

Gogo Mamosala said all the houses surrounding hers came after she had been living in the area for a long time.

“This place was a plot before it was developed.

“I’ve tried to get councillors in the area to assist me but they just come, take pictures and promise to build me an RDP.

“I’ve seen them come and go without any of them helping me. I cannot listen to the radio and I still cook on the ground outside.

“The electricity box they gave me caught fire 10 years ago and Centlec has refused to help me with a new one. All I need is a decent house for me and my children,” she said.

Lele Mamatu, the spokesman for Mangaung Municipality’s power supplier Centlec, said the gogo should make an affidavit stating her situation.

“With an affidavit and her ID, we will help her get a new electricity box installed without any payment,” he said.

Senne Bogatsu, Free State Human Settlements spokeswoman, said: “Neither she nor her daughter appear on our system. We advise them to apply for a new site with the municipality.”

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