MFUNDO Tafeni (28) from Lower Crossroads in Philippi East, Cape Town, needs help to start an academy.

“I love netball and want to teach kids how to play the game.

“But I can’t do that without the academy.”

He works with primary and high schools kids.

“I started playing netball in 2008, and since then I’ve grown to know more about the rules of the game.”

He’s a national umpire for Netball South Africa.

“My wish is to get help so I can start an academy and assist kids.

“Only a few play the game ekasi.”

Mfundo’s doing well.

When he arrived in Lower 5 kasi a few years ago, he started Rangers, a male netball team. He’s also a netball coach.

“I coach the U-12 netball team ekasi and the UCT ladies netball team,” he told Daily Sun.

He said he wanted people to stop thinking netball is only meant for women.

“The academy will help people to understand that men do feel comfortable playing netball and shouldn’t be criticised for taking part in the game.

Resident Nomlindelo Sokoyi (47) said she’d be happy if Mfundo could get assistance to start the academy.

She said the academy would help keep many kids busy.

It would ensure that they stayed away from bad things such as crime and drugs.

“Imagine having an academy where our kids will spend more time there than on the streets,” she said.

“The academy will also help teach our children self-respect, values and morals.”