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Rachel Hlongwane and her daughter Alena Shipalana are running away from evil spirits. Photo by Karabo Rammutla Photo by  ~ 

ALENA Shipalana has been on the run for three years!

The 37-year-old has moved at least five times in 36 months, together with her mum and three kids.

Alena said she has flushed her cellphone down the toilet, because whenever she receives a call she hears voices and she feels as if she is going mad. She said that even when she changes her phone number, the same thing happens.

She said wherever they go the community turn against them and calls them witches.

Alena said the voices say: “Don’t listen to her. She steals men and she is a witch.”

She said she has lost count of all the times she has changed her church because the congregations turn against her family.

“Strangers go to any church we go to and bad-mouth us. The pastors end up preaching about us and it is embarrassing. Some people follow us around and one of them even took a picture of my mother.”

She has also been labelled a home- wrecker because, she says, evil spirits wreak havoc on her relationships.

“Strangers call the men I date and tell them I am married, but I am divorced. I think these evil spirits don’t want me to get into a relationship.”

Alena’s mum, Rachel Hlongwane (63), said it breaks her heart to see her daughter suffering.

“Evil is following my daughter and I need help. Strange people also come to me and they order me to stay away from my daughter.

“I will never do that,” she said.

Sangoma Sibongile Maluleka said Alena should consult a strong traditional healer immediately.

“Someone cast a spell on her and she needs to be cleansed.”

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