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Hungry grocery thugs pounce!
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WHEN night falls, the thugs start terrorising residents.

But the two armed men who have been robbing them are not looking for anything fancy.

They only want food!

The grocery thugs take bread, tomatoes, mealie-meal, meat and anything else that can fill their hungry stomachs.

The men pounced on about 20 shacks in Angelo squatter camp in Boksburg, Ekurhuleni on Thursday.

They went to one shack to steal a bag of mealie meal, then to another where they found bread and tomatoes.

And so it went on.

Angry residents said if the police don’t arrest the thieves, they will take the law into their own hands.

“We suspect the thugs doing this are nyaope addicts. A normal thug would never go around robbing people of food,” said a resident.

People are now on high alert.

“Food is very expensive. We’re not going to let anyone to just come and take it like that,” said another resident.

“People are hungry. Government must create jobs because it’s hunger that’s driving people to do this.

“People are going to eat each other in the near future if something is not done now.”

Bessy Nkomo said she has to raise money to buy another bag of mealie-meal.

Another resident said: “I have children and they’re hungry because someone stole their food. The thugs even demanded my cigarettes.”

Some residents said they opened cases but had little hope the police would nab the suspects.

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