KHANYI’S aunts and gogos helped her give birth to a baby boy at home.

She was then rushed to Catherine Booth Hospital in Amathikulu, but she was allegedly given the wrong baby!

Now Khanyi Dube’s (32) family from Gingindlovu in KZN said they suspected the baby boy was stolen and nurses were allegedly involved.

Khanyi’s aunt Nomusa Dube (27), who helped her give birth last Monday, said she was 100% sure Khanyi gave birth to a boy and not a girl.

“They were seven of us in the room helping Khanyi give birth. I gave the baby to a nurse at the hospital and she told us to wait,” she said.

Nomusa said Khanyi was not feeling well and was sent to another ward.

“A nurse came back after a while and told us the baby was fine. But she said we couldn’t see the baby because he was in an incubator.”

Nomusa said the next day Khanyi told them nurses told her not to breastfeed as she was sick.

“She said she wasn’t even allowed to touch her baby and nurses bathed and fed the baby themselves.”

Nomusa said Khanyi contacted the family last Wednesday to tell them she was being transferred to Queen Nandi Hospital in Empangeni as the baby wasn’t well.

“She said the paramedic asked her the gender of the baby and she told him it was a boy. But the paramedic said the baby was a girl.”

Nomusa said Khanyi told the hospital the baby she was being transferred with, wasn’t hers.

“She was taken back to the hospital, where she was admitted. But she was too weak,” she said.

Khanyi’s mother Nomusa Ntineza (50) said she was positive Khanyi gave birth to a boy. She said they went to the police station but the police there refused to open a case.

Police spokesman Lieutenant-Colonel Thulani Zwane said the family should go and see the station commander who will assist them.

KZN health spokeswoman Ncumisa Mafunda said: “The department is aware of a child that was born prematurely, and consequently underweight, at home. According to the hospital’s records and evidence of medical staff, the child is female.”

She said to resolve the confusion, a DNA test was conducted on Wednesday. “Results of the DNA test are now pending,” she said.