THANKS to social media, a number of people will be celebrating Valentine’s Day with new lovers.

 Matseke Mampane (28) and Luzuko Slip (33) are one of a number of new couples that met via the Twitter hashtag #MjoloWithAzola. 

Matseke said their first contact was after she replied to a photo of Luzuko with a meme. She said: “He DMed me, we exchanged numbers and started chatting.” For now, the two are in a long-distance relationship.

Matseke lives in Rustenburg, North West, and Luzuko is in Addo, Eastern Cape.

Luzuko said he really saw the type of person Matseke was when she first went to visit him and instead of taking him up on his offer to take her to a restaurant, she cooked for him. 

Masibulele Facu (18) and Chwaita Ngejane (19) also met through the hashtag. Chwaita said she was happy she had found love and didn’t regret taking to the internet to find someone. 

Azola Mlota, the man behind the hashtag and a PR specialist, said: “I got tired of people messaging me to hook them up. People are hungry for this.” However, he said he was concerned that some people were using the hashtag for the wrong reasons. 

“It’s a bit annoying sometimes to see people taking advantage of the tag to advertise stuff as it’s supposed to be about love. I understand the hustle but it become chaos when you see adverts for porn or other unrelated businesses,” he said.