MANDLA Mthembu claims he got permission from his councillor to build a shack.

“I asked the councillor to write a letter to allow me to build the shack.

“He said he didn’t write letters anymore but I could build the shack.”

But today Mandla has moved in with friends after his one-roomed shack was demolished by eThekwini security guards on Sunday.

Mandla (41) from Ntuzuma C in Durban said the guards arrived and ordered him and his baby mama to get out.

“My fridge, bed and dishes were destroyed. When I tried to stop them they beat me,” he said.

He said his neighbours were shot at when they tried to assist him.

Councillor Simon Khuboni said the situation was out of hand.

“I’ve decided to let them do as they please,” he said.

Municipal spokesman Msawakhe Mayisela said they received reports of people clearing land last week and investigated.

“Someone in the crowd fired shots in the air and our members left.”

Residents continued building on Sunday but the structures were demolished.

“They became violent and our members had to use minimum force to disperse them,” said Mayisela.

Police are investigating.