9 months ago
From left: Cikizwa Madlolo, Azisiwe January, Moleboheng Tlatlane and Fundiswa Mokopane sit outside their houses and talk the whole day through. Photo by Lulekwa Mbadamane  ~ 

EVERY job has its preferred dress code.

Cops dress in blue uniforms and businessmen in suits.

Now it seems even jobless kasi women have a uniform.

These women from De Doorns in the Western Cape are seen almost every day dressed in their gowns.

Some people claim these unemployed women are wearing the official “gossip uniform”.

But these women say they wear the gowns because they don’t have anywhere to go. They said that while some women are lucky and get dressed for work, they just have a bath and get back into their gowns because they are jobless.

Cikizwa Madlolo (30) wakes up early in the morning and prepares her son for school. As soon as her kid leaves she goes outside and meets other women who are also wearing gowns.

“When we are together we talk about things that are happening in the location. Funnily enough, we don’t talk about the lack of jobs.”

Moleboheng Tlatlane (30) said: “We chat until we get hungry and go home to eat. Then we return to gossip some more.

“We prefer the sun but when it rains or it’s cold, we meet inside a house. We first talk about life in general before gossiping about people.”

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