AFTER madala Halala Qondani (92) and his wife gogo Noyikama (97) were beaten and robbed by thugs, they went to a sangoma for help.

Instead of getting help, the sangoma has added to their problems.

The couple from Cofimvaba, Eastern Cape, told the SunTeam they had R8 500 from the sale of their livestock and R7 050 from their pension money when thugs robbed them in February.

Halala said he was assaulted when he tried to resist and even suffered head injuries.

“I came to Cape Town for treatment. That’s when I was advised to consult a sangoma known as Gatyeni from Kanana squatter camp in Gugulethu,” said the madala.

The sangoma had asked for R4 000, but they gave him R2 000. He said the sangoma had also taken their IDs.

He had told them the IDs would help to trace the thugs.

In March, the madala and his wife had asked the sangoma what was happening, but there were no results.

“He said he’d give us back our money and IDs, but he keeps dodging us. We paid R2 000 for nothing,” said madala.

Sangoma Gatyeni admitted that he took the money.

“But I don’t know why you’re talking to me. I’ve made an arrangement with the couple,” he said.

He refused to explain and said the SunTeam must call him later but didn’t answer his phone. Captain Frederick van Wyk advised Halala to open a case.