A FAMILY of eight in Marikana, Soshanguve was tortured by five armed robbers on Sunday night!

The robbers took several items, money and a car.

According to the wife, the men gained entry to the house by jumping over the security wall.

“They found my husband and I sleeping in the sitting-room with our two-month-old baby. My husband tried to escape to another room but they fired a shot at him. The bullet grazed his head, lightly injuring him,” she said.

She said one of thugs held her baby by the leg and swung her in the air, threatening to kill the baby if they didn’t give them money. After they gave the thugs R1 500, they demanded more.

When they realised there was no more money, they switched on the iron and burnt the husband all over his body, forcing him to do online banking to show them how much money was in the family account.

“I was so scared. I thought they were going to kill us. They burned my leg and my younger sister’s buttocks with the iron,” said the wife.

She said the harassment and torture started at about 11pm and continued until 3am when the thugs left with shoes, a music system, a TV, seven cellphones, a car and money.

The woman said it was the second incident in two weeks. She said earlier this month they were robbed of a laptop and TV.

The husband and his sister-in-law are in hospital.

Soshanguve police spokesman Warrant Officer Lolo Mangena said cases of robbery and attempted murder were opened.

“No one has been arrested yet. The police are still investigating,” he said.