THREE families from M Section in Umlazi, south of Durban, want to go to court over an eviction they think was illegal.

They escaped sleeping in the open on Monday after Councillor Vincent Mngwengwe helped calm down a man who arrived with police and threw out their belongings.

Nosipho Ngcobo (34) said their grandparents and other families started building shacks in the area about 29 years ago.

“Nobody ever gave them a problem until 2016 when this man sent us letters that didn’t look original. He claimed we had to leave the land because it was his,” said Nosipho.

She said after suspecting the man could be a chancer, they approached the councillor.

“The councillor told us to relax while he found ways to solve the matter. We were surprised when the man came again on Monday, this time with the police and threw our furniture out.

Land owner Mhlabunzima Mbhele claimed he has a title deed which proved he was the rightful owner of the land.

“Here in Durban you don’t just wake up and grab land to build your house on,” he said.

“The number of years they have lived on my land means nothing,” said Mbhele.

Councillor Mngwengwe said: “ We are having a meeting next week with all the parties and for that reason I cannot comment further.”