4 months ago
Motorists had a field day taking pictures of this drunk man. Photo by Sifiso Jimta  ~ 

16 DECEMBER signals the start of the phuza party.

But many guys simply don’t know when to stop.

Some end up so drunk they believe the cold pavement is a warm bed!

Others, like this guy in the picture, become the fellow commuter from hell.

Nomsa Nkosi (34), who was in the same taxi, told Daily Sun the man passed out while his head was hanging out of a taxi window.

The strong smell of booze had followed him as he entered the taxi and he could barely walk or speak.

“Nothing is more annoying than a passenger who has been drinking sitting next to you,” she said.

“The taxi driver kept talking to him, but nothing he said was making sense.

“The funny part was him passing out, waking up again as the taxi stopped for passengers getting out, and then immediately dozing off again.”

The man slept all the way from where she boarded in Sophiatown to Bree Street Taxi Rank in town. As the taxi stopped at robots and intersections, motorists and taxi passengers snapped his drunken face with their cellphones or hooted.

Metro cop spokesman Chief Superintendent Wayne Minnaar said taxi drivers should not pick up drunk people.

“Individuals caught drunk and misbehaving can be arrested and face public drinking, public indecency and public disorder charges,” said Minnaar.

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