THE residents of a leafy suburb were woken up early on Monday morning.

It sounded as if well-known soccer star Andile Jali and his wife Nonhle Ndala were fighting.

Then Nonhle came running out of the house, heading for her car – but the Sundowns midfielder caught up with her.

Residents claim Andile’s next move was to slash the tyres of his wife’s car so she couldn’t drive away!

This all happened in front of curious residents of the wealthy estate in Tshwane East, who had by this time rushed outside to see what was going on.

When the soccer star realised there were many witnesses to the commotion, he allegedly got into his car and tried to leave.

But his attempt was cut short when he drove into a neighbour’s car!

By that time Nonhle had been bundled into a car by a neighbour and was heading to the Boschkop cop shop, where she reported her 28-year-old husband.

The resident whose car was damaged followed the soccer star’s wife to the cop shop to lay charges too.

Residents say Andile then went back into his house, and that where cops found the PSL player later in the day when they arrested him.

It’s believed police had to give him some water to try and sober him up as he could barely speak.

Andile was arrested in May after being bust for driving while drunk in Hatfield, Pretoria.

He was arrested by the Tshwane Metro cops during a routine road block in the area. It was reported that the footballer was 15 times over the legal drinking limit.

At that time Jali had just come back from oversees and was looking for a new club.

He later joined the Brazilians.

Boschkop police spokesman Yeroboam Mbatsane confirmed that cases of assault relating to domestic violence and malicious damage to property were opened.

The police confirmed that the soccer player also opened a counter case of assault against his wife.