WE can’t run away from crime – it is everywhere.

But if we keep vigilant, we can keep each other safe.

Charnel Hattingh, national marketing and communications manager at Fidelity ADT, said thugs are always out waiting for any opportunity to rob people.

Some target those who wait for taxis, buses or rides.

With the rise in the popularity of ride services such as Uber, there has been a rise in the reports of attacks on people waiting for their transport.

But it is not only adults who have been attacked – even children have also been targeted by criminals outside their schools when waiting for their lifts or parents.

“We urge people to be alert and find safer places to wait for their lifts.”

Charnel said people need to avoid waiting in dark and lonely places for their transport.

“If you’re being fetched from your home, rather wait inside your gate than on the pavement.

“If possible, wait in groups and keep your valuables hidden.”

The company also suggests people use security apps, such as ADT FindU, that monitor you from when you start waiting until you reach your destination.

“If anything should happen to you while you wait or during the trip, you can use the app to call for help and the security personnel can track your position and reach you quicker.”