A man was gunned down on Wednesday while transporting his son and two other children to school.

It’s reported that multiple shots were fired at the white Toyota Fortuner the father was driving.

According to Reaction Unit South Africa when they arrived, they found three hysterical children 40 meters away from the bullet riddled SUV.

“Paramedics assessed the Indian male driver and found that he had sustained multiple gunshot wounds to his head and body. Due to the extent of his injuries he died at the scene,” RUSA spokesperson Prem Balram said.

A witness said the Toyota Fortuner was approaching a single lane steel bridge when a red VW Polo stopped next to it and the occupants opened fire at the driver before the gunmen sped off towards the Verulam CBD.

Balram said the children aged 13,11 and 8 were seated behind the driver and were not injured.

Over twenty-one 9mm spent cartridges were recovered at the scene, the motive for the shooting is unknown at this stage.