MICHAEL Mudau (54) puts his hand over his mouth when he speaks.

He avoids shaking hands or coming close to people because of his bad breath.

The married father of four kids from Hercules in Tshwane said the problem started in 2 000.

Michael tried to find out what the problem was.

“I changed my diet and my drinks, but the bad breath carried on,” he said.

“I spent a fortune on doctors and sangomas and haven’t been helped.”

He said his family is supportive but his breath affects his confidence.

“If people change their attitude around me, it’s because of my breath.”

“I’ve read many stories of people who got help from SunReaders. I hope somebody can help me.”

Cousin Emelda Mgwenya (51) at first thought Michael was eating the wrong food.

“He explained the problem to me. I’ve been doing research for him. I hope he finds a solution,” she said.

Prophet Makgonatjohle Seaparo said if it’s a medical problem, a herbalist or medical doctor can help him.

“But if he was bewitched he’ll need to be cleansed,” he said.

Dentist Anton Fourie said: “He must visit a dentist who’ll examine and diagnose him.”