RESIDENTS of Addo said the railway crossing in their area was a ticking time bomb just waiting to explode.

The concerned residents of the area in the Sundays River Valley Municipality said the crossing was not safe.

They said it didn’t have a boom gate or traffic lights to ensure the safety of motorists from oncoming trains.

Lloyd Qhutyana, the Uncedo Taxi Association spokesman, said: “We desperately need a boom gate or traffic lights to prevent accidents.

“We previously approached Transnet and they told us they were aware there had been a few accidents there.”

Qhutyana said they were told it would be expensive to do anything as there were four crossings like that in the area, including one in Valencia where trains pass close to houses.

“One of our taxis had a crash in 1997 and 11 people died in it.

“There have also been accidents involving small cars with the latest being in 2013.

“We can’t wait for a big accident to happen for them to secure this place,” Qhutyana said.

Another resident said her brother-in-law was killed a few years ago when his car was hit by a train while crossing the railway line.

Mike Asefovitz, Transnet Freight Rail spokesman, said pedestrians and motorists should wait for trains to pass before they cross.

“It takes 1km for a train to stop so people should always look for trains before crossing. Also trains hoot to warn people before they pass.

“We’re not forced by law to put in booms or traffic lights as trains have right of way at all level crossings.

“However, we appeal to communities to stop at railway crossings and look for passing trains to avoid accidents. We also have educational awareness campaigns in areas with level crossings.”