THE National Energy Regulator’s decision to increase Eskom tariffs has been met with disappointment.

After news broke that municipalities across Mzansi would be slapped with a tariff increase of 15,63%, Joburg mayor Herman Mashaba claimed corruption was being rewarded.

“This is a disappointing ruling which only serves to add further hardships to residents and businesses alike.”

He said the municipality had written to the regulator about its concerns.

“This decision means the City of Joburg, like many other municipalities, will be forced to increase tariffs on electricity,” said Mashaba.

“We made representations to the regulator, stressing the concerns of our residents and businesses.

“About 45,2% of our residents are barely surviving below the poverty line. Just over 900 000 of our residents are unemployed and the national economic growth outlook remains depressed.”

Mashaba called on the Human Rights Commission to investigate the matter.

“Despite City Power’s efforts to absorb price increases, this will result in the municipality having to increase tariffs by more than was initially expected,” said Mashaba.