BEKKERSDAL police have big hearts.

On Monday, they visited Korekile Home for cerebral palsied children in Simunye, Westonaria.

Instead of their usual uniforms, the men in blue had buckets, cleaning gloves and paint brushes.

They spent the day adding colour and cleaning the centre. The day coincided with World Disability Day, making the occasion even more special.

The cops were joined by ex-cons from Krugersdorp Prison. They washed the kids’ dirty clothes.

Police spokeswoman Sergeant Linkie Lefakane said the purpose of the visit was meant to promote the rights and well-being of people living with disabilities.

“It was also a day in which we were there to show love and care to kids living with disabilities,” said Lefakane.

Centre manager Masechaba Modimoeng said she and the children were very touched by the cops’ gesture.

“They also appreciated their show of kindness.

“It’s not every day the children get to see so many faces and be showered with so much attention,” she told the People’s Paper.

“These kind of programmes should be conducted throughout the year, so that the kids won’t feel left out.

“As a centre, we’re grateful to the police for what they did for the kids.”